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Leather Bags of all Styles


Samples from our extensive range


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The Range

Backpacker 1                                  kudu and ostrich 1 stripe        order code  4
Backpacker 2                                  kudu and ostrich 2 stripe        order code  6
Shopping Bag                                 kudu kudu & ostrich                order code  0
Ngandu Bag                                    crocodile                                     order code  1
Shopping Bag                                ostrich ostrich                            order code  2
Shopping Bag African Print       African print                                 order code  3
Soirée                                              snake skin                                    order code  5




Ngandu: means crocodile in some Congolese dialects (mother tongues) and African languages.
Nyoka means snake in some Congolese dialects (mother tongues) and African languages.
African print and coloured items come in many other designs and colours.



Full Leather-Product Range

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